Wednesday, July 16, 2014

shout out to Julie in Texas :-)

I need to make a quilt fast for a co-worker whose sister has just had the bad news of cancer metastasis. I thought about giving the blue on I'm finishing. But these girls are strawberry blondes and their personalities are so much like sweet sunshine when they walk in the room. I need something bright.
An email from the AllPeopleQuilt group included a quilt pic that I'd seen before but never thought about because hey...I'm more into the dark side of color ;-)
So I need to go shopping right?
Looked online and found a charm pack of Kaffe Fasset but oh's not available yet. Well, I'll check my LQS on Tuesday when I have a half day at work. could at least look in the cupboard...
Hmmm. what's that?
Oh my! look at these fabrics from the shirt scraps Julie sent me!
These are exactly what I need!
Thank you again, Julie. What a treasure :-)

Crazy, I know...from nothing to 2 posts in one day!
more later...


I finished putting on the borders of another quilt last night and noticed only when I looked at the picture...there were 2 blocks I forgot to include in my count and left on the design wall. So apparently, I will be making yet another of these quilts :-)
though this is not a surprise. I apparently like this block a lot!
I use to think Courthouse Steps was my favorite or Ohio Stars but I have only made one or two courthouse step quilts and have only made a few Ohio Star blocks. But this buckeye block keeps showing up.
There's this one called Plaid Madness. It's my first time to use this block and where I learned just how much I had to learn about color value :-) and also just how many mistakes I could make in making blocks and placement! It is still my favorite quilt however...I love all those plaids in there and the pieced border.
Another was a huge king size quilt...which I can't find a picture of!
Found it...well, I thought I did but this was a smaller one I made with the leftover fabrics.
And then here's another that was actually supposed to be set differently but I preferred this..
See that gorgeous plaid backing?
This was in a Moda line. Finally someone including plaids! (back in 2006 or whenever :-)
Then the blue ones here and a few others...Note to self: organize your photos with better titles!
Anywhoo...I'm having a good time here but it's back to work tomorrow.
more later :-)

Monday, July 14, 2014

it's about time...

that I got back here with an update :-)
The past 2 months have been full. I finally got to sewing something a couple of weeks ago. I had some leftover blocks from the my blue quilt and took those as a way to get going again.
We have been working to get my mom's little house ready for some painting, etc....painted by professionals...not me! And that started today, so to celebrate I am sewing blocks into rows and am enjoying time in my sewing room again.
Looks much like the last quilt...
Today's quilt help is brought to by Marianne
and Sabra
More later...




Thursday, May 29, 2014


 Mom passed on May 9th. We had some special moments with her that we will cherish. So very hard to say good bye to her. Here is a picture of her with her favored Ruby Dog.
Earlier in May, we celebrated Luke's 2nd birthday. Walks, cookies and stuffed hedge hogs were the main events.
And finally last week, I finished the blue buckeye quilt for my co-worker!
Just couldn't get myself to hardly sew in the past months but I finished and she was quite pleased to receive it.
I have followed scores of tips from Bonnie Hunter but I think this is the first time I have actually completed a version of one of her patterns. I love her use of scraps and hope to do more.
It wasn't till I had taken this picture and was texting it to my sister, that I noticed the lovely "humility block" on the lower right!  Oh well...humble am I.
DH and I are now embarked on finishing up the sorting and clean up at Mom's house as well as getting our own house in order. We are not speedy by any means and frankly are ok with that at the moment. There are lots of emotions to feel and process and energy levels to be restored. We are just taking it a step at a time and enjoying as much of it along the way as we can.
Yesterday we took the pups to the beach again and enjoyed watching Luke run like a horse and play with Sabra in the waves. A gorgeous day!

Friday, March 21, 2014

not as planned

I was saving my 200th post for a celebratory giveaway post but I simply can't "get it together".  The party will have to wait till I can think a little bit straighter :-)  The plans are at least forming in my little brain.
In the meantime, life has take a bit of a turn with my sweet 92 year old Mom being plagued by some gastric issues and then getting diagnosed with colon cancer and metastasis. We were able to avoid a lot of unnecessary testing and stress on her and have an amazing hospice team that help us right in her own home. My sister and I are trading off to give her the 24 hour care that keeps her the most comfortable and happy. Mom is not suffering with a lot of pain but we work to keep her nausea at bay and her strength up as best as possible. Mom's outlook is peaceful, accepting and still 'going for it'. She has loved and walked close to God since she was young and this is still the foundation of her life. She is blessed and is still a blessing to so many, including her kids.
So not much sewing here! I finished the the quilt top I was working on and got half way through pressing the seams of rows. I have shopped some finding some wonderful homespuns.  I also ordered from The Raspberry Rabbits! I downloaded the free pattern of Conrad the Rabbit Collector via Michelle's site.
And then ordered a kit from her for supplies to make this cute guy with his carrots. The package came a couple of days ago. What a sweet thing to open up this gorgeous present wrapped bundle!
And I hadn't even gotten to the felt inside yet :-)
 Fun and yes, those Hershey kisses were delicious too!
Thank you, Michelle!
So I will be putting my thoughts into plans here but a bit slowly.
But I will be back. Thank you for your prayers.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Back to sewing

Oddly, it was a job of embroidering labels for equipment at work that got me back to my sewing machine(s). I came home with a large box of sheets that can be placed under bedfast patients and attached to a device to lift the sheet (and patient) and reposition them in bed...usually higher up in the bed because people are always slipping down (due to gravity etc.) where raising the head of the bed "bends" them at the wrong spot on their torso. Keeping bedfast patients with the head of the bed elevated has important health and safety implications. It can also tax the care givers backs severely so these lift devices can be a huge help. We have been told for decades that proper body mechanics will prevent injury to the staff. "They" have finally figured out that isn't actually true and so now we are finding better ways to try and help patients without hurting ourselves so much.
Hence the lift sheets...

So upstairs I go to my little Bernina 180 E that was purchased about 15 years ago :-)  This machine has gotten less usage than my beloved 1090S. It has a great blanket stitch but for piecing and general sewing, I prefer my older mechanical workhorse. I have done some embroidery but it definitely takes a back seat to making quilts and I'm not that interested in combining the two.
Here's my work station.
Here's the labels
And here's the label on the lift sheet. This helps make sure that the sheets come back to the right hospital after being laundered.

Previously, I sewed some embroidered labels on other lift equipment that required more info and some difficult hand sewing as it was just too thick etc. for machine work. These were easy-peasy by comparison. And useful to getting me back to sewing.
I have all the blocks sewn for my Blue Ridge Beauty variation and need to find fabric for the borders to complete the top. I have backing fabric ready to go for the quilt and so the quilt will end up about 50" by 60".
My next post will be my 200th post :-) which sounds like a great time for a giveaway to celebrate! So when I get that idea worked out, I'll be back :-)
(I would put a heart here at the end..if I knew how to put emoticons here!)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Well, it has been awhile...
I have not been sewing since I last posted. I kind of fell off the Christmas train and just was too distracted to get back to any projects. We were however blessed with a new family member that brought comfort, a lot of exercise and fun. From the same rescue group where we found Mosley and also Sabra, we were able to adopt a youngster named Luke.  Meet Luke :-)

This is from the day we first met him...with that big red bear that he loves.
Sabra (front corner) thought he was fun till he got in the car with her. She wasn't that thrilled with him for a few days but now she loves him too.

So I have an extra day off this week and hope to get back to my beloved sewing machine. I'm embroidering some labels for cloth sheets we are using at work to help us move patients up in bed without hurting our backs so much. And I have my blue buckeye quilt blocks still sitting where I left them back in November!
Thank you for all the sweet comments and thoughts for our loss of Mosley last month. He was such a beautiful rascal. We miss him a lot and are so grateful for the years we had with him. He taught us a lot!